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Haven't posted on here since my last visit to the hospital, however there is an appointment coming up in just over a week. I also think things are happening in a less "quick" way, my teeth have moved so much in these few months. However the less dramatic and more slight changes my teeth have to undergo I feel are happening more slowly than those more noticeable changes before. Still, it'll be interesting to see the progress at the next appointment!
But yes, reason for posting is that I found this interesting thread on Reddit that my friend from uni shared with me (: It's the results of someones surgery 6 months on, they used to have a really pronounced underbite and from what I can see the surgery worked really well. However the interesting part is in the huge amount of comments this thread received, asking all sorts of questions, plus details of other people's experiences. The most interesting concept I found is the medical vs psychological/cosmetic benefits.
 I feel the benefits are a good mix of the two, to have a functioning bite, get rid of TMJD pain etc, and improve aesthetic, which seems to be the view of many who've contributed to the thread. When I've told people about the whole process most automatically assume it's entirely cosmetic which almost makes me feel ashamed, it makes me think of those who go under the knife for breast enlargements or tummy tucks. But there's no denying a part of me does want this surgery for those benefits, especially after enduring school! What do others think about the whole medical/cosmetic "debate" concerning surgery? It's something I've been struggling to come to terms with for years, people have told me I don't need it because they think it's purely cosmetic, when clearly the hospital and myself feel differently. After all it does come under the NHS!
I'll stop waffling anyways, and post the link >

Hope everyone is getting on  well with their treatments.
B x

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Max said...

I can really relate to the frustration and shame you may have felt when people assumed this surgery was cosmetic and told you that you didn't need it. I actually got really sick of telling people that I NEED this surgery because I am in pain!

But it is interesting to read why people on these blogs are getting this surgery. I've noticed a polarization of people who seem to be getting it more for cosmetic/psychological reasons and others who seem to be getting it for their health. But you're right, the cosmetic benefits are a plus either way, and I'm excited to say goodbye to the freakish overbite I've had in the last year or so. But I'm equally exciting to be able to speak without discomfort or pain! I just wish people would be more understanding that we all have different experiences and are getting this surgery for different reasons.

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