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Exciting news - my admissions letter came through today! 

Seeing the surgery date in black and white makes it seem very real. My surgeon had put the date in his diary, which is why I knew it beforehand. But to me, this seems to make it super official. 

I also have my pre op confirmed. That is going to be one hospital themed day. I'll have my last surgeons appointment at my local hospital in the morning, and then the pre op appointment at the hospital where I'll have my surgery in the afternoon. 

As far as admissions letters go, mine is probably pretty typical. But I'm still ridiculously proud of this letter full of dates and instructions, probably because this has been a long time coming. And that, my friends, is the reason I'm putting up a picture of the letter in all of it's conclusiveness. 

Admissions letter!

That's really all I've got to say, I'll update again when I've had these next few appointments! 

B x

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Exciting news - I have a surgery date!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while. Everything has taken a long time to get to this stage, and in the meantime I have definitely neglected this blog. My last update was in summer 2012, and I can say a lot has changed in the past two years! I've achieved my 2:1 Bachelor of Music degree, I've done a bit of travelling and I am in a happy relationship. I also have my plans set for the future to become a music teacher from this September. But one thing has still remained the same - my bite.

Skydiving in New Zealand

Ben and I

I've looked through my followers blogs and seen so many amazing results! It has always given me more confidence reading all your stories and a valuable insight on what to expect.. And now it's my turn, which will be on 22nd July.

The only thing that remains between now and then is to try on the wafers with the surgeon, one last ortho visit (to change elastics) and a pre-op appointment. I honestly cannot believe I am at this stage now, after 13 years of hospital appointments, 8 extractions and 3 years of braces!

My X Rays really showcase the progress that has been made.
July 2010
January 2014
July 2010
January 2014
At my last appointment with the surgeon he was discussing the proposed movement of my jaws, and it looks like my upper jaw will be moving 6mm forward, whilst my lower jaw will be moving 4 mm back. So a total movement of 1cm!
One thing I'd like to ask anyone that's been through this before, is there anything you'd want to have known/any questions you wanted to ask your surgeon in hindsight? I've got one more opportunity to ask my surgeon questions beore my operation and (worryingly) don't seem to be coming up with any! 
From now on I consider this blog to really be up and running. I feel bad that I neglected it and missed out on everyone's news! 

Hope you're all keeping well. 

B x

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