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Exciting news - my admissions letter came through today! 

Seeing the surgery date in black and white makes it seem very real. My surgeon had put the date in his diary, which is why I knew it beforehand. But to me, this seems to make it super official. 

I also have my pre op confirmed. That is going to be one hospital themed day. I'll have my last surgeons appointment at my local hospital in the morning, and then the pre op appointment at the hospital where I'll have my surgery in the afternoon. 

As far as admissions letters go, mine is probably pretty typical. But I'm still ridiculously proud of this letter full of dates and instructions, probably because this has been a long time coming. And that, my friends, is the reason I'm putting up a picture of the letter in all of it's conclusiveness. 

Admissions letter!

That's really all I've got to say, I'll update again when I've had these next few appointments! 

B x

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Abi Baldwin said...

Good luck! :) It's exciting to have the date confirmed. Now you just have to prepare yourself. ♥ Keep us informed!

Beth said...

Thanks Abi! Yes, I need to start gathering useful items/recipes etc! Exciting yet daunting. Have you got recipes that worked well for you? Hope you're keeping well! xx

JawGodBlog said...

Hi Beth! Ooooh I know how exciting it is when you get that official letter! Definitely start stocking up on stuff! I'm Jen, I just had double jaw surgery 2 weeks ago :-) I got some great advice from a girl who had the same surgery a year ago, with the same surgeon as me. She told me to get (and I really did use them) - Q tips for your nose (your nose will have some gunk coming out of it for maybe the first week), loads of tissues for the drooling (feels like it will last forever but mine stopped after about 8 or 9 days) - get loads!!! I bought lots of little towels too, for extra drool coverage and to use for wrapping ice packs etc. Ice packs, medicated lip balm (all the skin on your lips falls off with the swelling, but don't worry! It doesn't hurt. Just keep them balmed). Hmm what else....I used a bit of arnica cream on the bruising. Make sure you have a blender! They will give you syringes and Ensure drinks at the hospital. Stock up on stuff to blend these with after the first few days when I really could only have Ensure. When you move onto smoothies it's so exciting! If they give you Ensure, try 1 strawberry Ensure, 1 banana, handful of strawberries, handful of raspberries, 1 strawberry yoghurt, splash of apple juice, 1 scoop vanilla icecream - blend together and you'll seriously upgrade that sickly Ensure drink! :-)

I didn't do many updates in the last two weeks but I've kept a diary and I'm going to be backtracking over my adventures just after jaw surgery, so check out my blog!

Best of luck and hope you are excited!

Jen xx follow me -

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