Recital over... and hospital appointment tomorrow!

I'm so excited! Recital is done, which pretty much means that first year is essentially over! It went really well, (much better than piano... bleh!) I have my first hospital appointment tomorrow since I went into hospital where they stole my teeth, my orthodontist hasn't seen me since last summer. Let's get things rolling!
So... I'm travelling from Canterland to the Shire (or Bedfordshire) If anyone wants to guess which market town I'm from then just Google the towns of Bedfordshire and pick the silliest named one :P
Still in concert blacks and on a musical high, accompanied
by the biggest cheesiest grin that will only
ever be revealed on here!
Lister Hospital in all it's sexy sixtyness
So.. to the Lister Hospital of Stevenage! (Such a lovely scenic place ha!) I won't actually be getting my surgery done here, as the Luton & Dunstable is graced with a specialist oral and maxillofacial clinic. It's also been dubbed the "Lay down and Die" (reassuring I know) by Luton residents, probably from the amount of stab victims they get... D:                                                                                
And to lighten up the mood a bit... a performance photo
from last year! Very serious look
of concentration, there has to be some jaw
clenching going on there. Only Czardas would...

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