Too much hospital plus some vaguely interesting photos...

Yo! The next hopsital appointment has creeped up pretty quickly, so I'm heading home on the usual 2 hour journey tomorrow (: This should be pretty interesting, cos there's a definite gap formed between both jaws as a result of the braces, which makes me wonder if I'm gonna have the rest of my brackets put on. I really hope this is the case so I can get rid of this ghastly rubbery thing on my top teeth! Over it's six week lifespan, it gets stained yellow by food and doesn't look too attractive. At least metal generally looks clean and shiny.

As the gap between my jaws is getting worse from my teeth becoming straighter, I've noticed even more changes in my face, and not only from looking at my profile. I had an concert with my University Symphony Orcherstra and my parents went a bit snappy happy. I shall demonstrate thus...

You can't see my profile a great deal in the top two but I can tell there's a difference there. And I also look really gormless/severe haha. Or Mahler and Wagner could be doing that to my face The bottom photo isn't very clear, but probably more of a profile shot going on there.
These changes are probably more noticeable to myself and fellow underbiters.
I've gotten into the annoying habit of studying other people's jaw lines, which probably means I'm gonna notice these things in myself and others. Self concious much?

Twas a pretty awesome weekend though, and my parents stayed in Canters at the Holiday Inn ^-^
If you're not bored of photos here's another one of me and my mum ^-^
 Countless people have said we look so alike. Which makes me wonder if after the surgery we'll look so alike it's scary? Interesting fact though - my gran (my mum's mum) also has an underbite. Apparently it can be genetic, this whole malloclusion malarkey.

I was starting to get fed up with hospitals but I'm quite looking forward to this visit. I'm inbetween hospitals haha. I'm being treated at Kent & Canterbury for something not at all jaw related, (an impressive TWENTY FIVE cysts, yikes!) so going in for scans and consultations there and shedding my precious student loan to get to the Lister is fairly annoying. Such is life, apparently more complex than it needs to be. However we shall see what this hospital appointment brings, apart from renewed obssessive pasta and soup consumption!

Hope everyone elses treatments are going well (:
B x

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Anonymous said...

Hey. It sounds like your teeth are moving pretty quickly! The waiting for surgery is the most annoying part. I definitely agree that the jaw issues are genetic. My half-brother has a major underbite and my mom had surgery to correct her jaw issues, her case was much less severe than mine, but she still has a bunch of screws in her top jaw. So I know who to blame for all of my jaw issues! :)

I hope all of your hospital appointments go well!! Good luck!

Rosa posa said...

I think it's so interesting to hear your gran also has an underbite, no one in my family has one so I have no idea how I got mine!
I so know what you mean aswell about studying peoples jaw lines, it becomes so obsessive I do it all the time!

Beth said...

Hi! I reckon it can be either genetic or something to do with growth, or a mixture of both! Jamie, it's really interesting to find that you have family that have an underbite, and Rosa, it's just as interesting to find that no one in your family have it! In my case it seems to have skipped a generation which seems a bit odd haha. Just found on old photo of me and my gran which I'll have to put up when I get back to uni (:
Also found out a while ago there's something called the Habsburg Jaw (relevant as I studied Czech music last term) and old portraits show there is a prevalence in their bloodline, and the most predominant case was Charles II of Spain. I'll stop nerding away now XD
PS - how are your screws at the mo Jamie? Do you have to go for more surgery? Bust be so annoying if you have to have them out D:

Anonymous said...

Hey! Yeah, I still have that pesky little screw sticking out into my gums. I am just getting the three screws removed from the right side of my bottom jaw because the surgeon doesn't think he can discriminate between them to see which one is the one that is sticking out. I am getting them removed over my spring break which is in about 3 weeks. The surgeon said it will be similar to getting my wisdom teeth out so it will all be done in the office with the I.V. sedation. No hospital necessary, so I am grateful for that.

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