Results already!? :D:D

Oh my days.

Ok so I've only just fully appreciated the amount of time day surgery took with eight extractions and all.

(Waiting lists, pre-assesment, recovering, healing yadayadayada)

I've had my top brace on for 12 weeks (tightened twice) and my bottom brace on for 6 weeks (tightened once)

12 weeks of orthodontics... and LOOK :D:D:D


 Septermber 2010 (Fresher)                                                                                  January 2012 ^^ new camera for Chirstmas!

I'm actually so happy. I've had nowhere near as much pain as I did when I first got the bottom braces on. I've also been listening to Frank Turner which always makes me smile like a loon XD

My orthodontist said things have been moving well and it's all looking good. Nothing has been said, but this could mean my orthognathic surgery could be sooner that I've always thought. It's always seemed eons into the future. Now it feels like it's actually gonna happen. 


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Dustin Kussmaul said...

Wow those teeth got super straight in those 3 months!

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