Sucking lemons you say?

Hi all!

Oh my days the pain has GONE! :D Seems pretty trivial looking back at it, but it seems that anything concerning physical pain seems that way, in the same kinda sense with my day surgery back in Febuary. It took a little over a week before I could eat without wanting to scream at my food. Also my jaw has unlocked, something else which was very annoying that I forgot to mention in my last post (sorry!)

It's now been a couple of weeks since I got the new addition that is my lower fixed brace fitted, and although my teeth haven't appeared to change that much, I am definitely noticing the drawbacks of the "worsening" profile that goes with this treatment. I know it has to get worse to get better, before surgery happens. Whenever I smile with my mouth closed I reckon it looks like I'm doing some serious lemon sucking or something. However my top teeth are most certainly getting their arses kicked into action, the gaps from the extraction of the 7th and 8th teeth in the tooth stealing journey are closing up nicely, meaning that there's room for everyone else to shuffle along (:

Also I have no idea what I'd do without those odd interdental toothbrushes. Actual life saver (':

Successful chicken capture (meet Wilma ^-^) and lemon sucking galore!

Now back for Christmas from uni. I don't keep chickens in Canterbury haha, although that would be really quite awesome ^-^ Gah they're so cute! :3

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