Update: Frustrated and slightly apprehensive...

Sorry it's been a while! The situation after my appointment I was quite eager about back in June was just, well, confused. All that actually happened was I got some brackets put on the back teeth of my lower arch. I guess I was expecting more stuff to happen. And also the confusion! First I needed impressions for a quad helix (spaces the upper arch I think?) and then no a change of mind it was straight to the fixed braces. Then again it changed to a removable appliance with fixed on the lower arch, changed to just fixed all the way - even though I'd be constantly be breaking the brace on my upper arch because of my bite in the first place. I was just like... huh?
Well now it's August and a plan of action has finally come forth. The orthodontist told me she'd been thinking about my case a lot (trust me to be complex). And it actually transpires that even after having six massive teeth taken out in the hospital under GA, they want me to have a further two out before the fixed braces can go on, and in order to fix the braces they need to disengage my bite (when they described this to me I actually had the mental image of Lego bricks being glued to my back teeth).
So all in all I'm rather apprehensive about the extractions seeing as I'm gonna be concious (man the hell up Beth!) Sorry to be moany and all ): But on a happier note there is a PLAN :D I've also signed the consent form for the whole treatment (eek!) Oh, and I passed my first year of uni since my last blog ^-^
Hope everyone else's treatments are going well... hopefully slightly more straightforward than this one anyway! xx

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elizabethgrae said...

Hey! I'm glad I found your blog. I am 18 days away from surgery, so I love finding good blogs of fellow bracefaces!

Feel free to follow my blog.



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