Day 13: Driving by.

'Sup! Day 13 has seen me take my very first post op drive. It felt so good! It was very tiring, but well worth the sense of freedom that came with it. I took a trip with my mum to a local gardening center (which is obviously THE place to be) and it was really nice to just potter around looking at all the gifts and plants. I'm starting to sound like a little old lady that doesn't get out much! But the truth is, I am getting fed up of staying in the house all the time. I think getting out when you're able to is an essential part of recovery, wherever it may be!

Driving selfie! (Taken before setting off)

Pretty plants at the garden center

I've just realised I set off for my first drive on day 13 - but for any of you who are superstitious nothing bad happened (: 

On a food note, I keep on getting cravings for food I'm just not allowed to have! These cravings annoyed me so much I actually went and got a single cracker and proceeded to suck on tiny little cracker pieces. I managed to eat half, no chewing involved out of pure stubbornness. Whey! 

Here are my day 13 photos. I cannot believe I'm nearly at the two week milestone! Time is flying by (: 

See you on day 14! 

B x

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