Day 15: Green grin.

I've moved on to new elastics!

These have both a pro and a con.

Pro - they're further back so they can't be seen so easily!
Con- they're green.

They're also SO awkward to put on. I'm still fairly swollen inside my mouth, and I have to hook one of the elastics to a bottom tooth. It was very frustrating to do, but I got there in the end. Also the orthodontist caught one of my stitches (or something), it was so painful it immediately bought tears to my eyes!

But a good thing to report - I can grin! It makes the swelling a bit more obvious, but I feel this is the first 'grin' that doesn't look like a grimace. Yay!


The elastics are on in a kind of parallelogram fashion. It was a bit awkward to take a photo of the elastics in their entirety, but hopefully you get the idea! 

I'm also going back to the ice tonight. My jaw really hurts after the orthodontists, plus it feels like the elastics are moving my teeth. I dunno if that's the point of them - I've been told that they're supposed to guide my jaw and stop it from feeling lost. 

That's all for now - I have a surgeon appointment on Monday so I'll update then! 

I'll leave you to enjoy this silly photo of me (I'm starting to be able to make stupid faces again). 

B x

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Anthony said...

Your green grin is great! And that final photo is what is really pushing me to get/have surgery... :P Seriously though your recovery is going amazingly well! You must be happy with the results? :)

Kelsie Stewart said...

You look fantastic! I can't believe you're only two weeks post-op, you seem to be recovering super fast :)

Abi Baldwin said...

:) The elastics will really help fine-tune your bite and so you can find where to put your teeth. You're looking really good! From here on, things will just keep getting better!

Abigail x

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