Day 14: Two week milestone!

It's been two weeks! 14 days. 336 hours.

Whatever time frame you want to use, it's gone so quickly. It's scaring me! With this two week milestone comes an exciting development - I can now use a straw! This makes me super happy. I discovered this when out with my mum and some family friends at a cafe. I had ordered a mocha frappe and was just resorting to using a spoon but I thought 'why not try the straw?' And it worked! This made frappe consumption much more enjoyable.

That's pretty much all that happened today. I'm still struggling to get my energy back, and I feel so sluggish in the mornings! This often results in me sleeping in until midday (oops). I'm not sure how much quality sleep I'm getting but I wake up at least once in the night. I haven't had a whole nights sleep undisturbed since pre surgery! But I feel my energy is every so slowly on the up.

I had an another elastic episode today. Just as I was starting to write this post, it snapped just like that! And my elastics were doing so well - my orthodontist put them on last week and I have another appointment tomorrow. So very nearly a whole week.

Here are my day 14 photos!

Now I've reached the two week mark, I'll probably start updating when interesting developments come about plus weekly milestones. I don't want my blog to become boring, and I get the feeling it will if I continue to update every single day! As I mentioned before, I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow so I'll probably update then!

Thanks for tagging along so far,

B x

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Isabel said...

Oh Beth, congrats on that milestone! Looks like you're making terrific progress! I do have one question for you-- are you still taking a lot of pain meds?

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