Day 10: Fun with friends and working woes.

I. Am. Knackered.

To somebody else this day probably seems quite trivial, but it felt action packed to me! It was a day full of visitors, which of course was very fun but extremely tiring. I had friends over this morning, including my dear friend who is flying off to Japan tomorrow! I'm gonna miss her so much. She's been there for a year before, but this time it could be longer. Here's a photo of us plus me trying my best to smile and look normal (I think I look kinda shifty). My friend El who is leaving us all is the one on my right (:

Next up was a doctors appointment. My time off work runs out on Tuesday - which marks my 2 week anniversary of having my surgery! And that scared me a little bit, because I'm definitely not ready to go back to work. I asked for some more time off, and my doctor gave me 2 weeks starting from today which makes me feel much better. My job requires high energy levels (controlling 20+ kids by myself) and I felt knackered from the 5 minute walk to the doctors and back! So much so I had to have an emergency nap before my next visitor.

This was another friend (by herself), so it didn't require as much energy as the morning, but I was still tired nonetheless! Her reaction was quite funny when she saw me, I thought she was going to cry but apparently that's how she looks when she's surprised? I did get her seal of approval which is just fine (:

After my tirade of visitors I had to have a mammoth sleep before dinner. Dinner was awesome, as it was my very first one where it's not all mushed mixed up into one big slop. I had meat pie (although not the pastry, so I guess that would make it meat slop), mashed potato and mashed broccoli. It felt so good to pick and choose from my plate. Just eating the same thing in one sitting had started to get quite boring, because there was no variation in taste and texture.

Pain has been playing up today in the form of headaches and earaches. I'm not sure if that's from having such a tiring day, or if it's from changes in pressure/swelling/nerves etc. Or it could be a mixture. I've had some paracetamol which seems to have sorted it.

Here are my day 10 photos (double figures now woo!) I reckon my swelling has gone down significantly, although my face still feels huge to me! I felt comfortable being seen in public for the first time though (:

I've just realised it doesn't look like I'm wearing a lot, but those are actually pyjamas (haha). This has been a late night blog post.

Nighty nighty, pyjama pyjama! (I'm such a dork)

B x

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Abi Baldwin said...

You're looking really good! :) Well done on your progress. ♥ You're over the worse now. After two weeks, I started feeling more normal.

Abigail x

Beth said...

Thanks Abi! It looks like you're doing great as well! I know you're much further ahead than me in your recovery, but I can't wait to get to your stage! I just want to get my energy back, haha. Have you started to eat solid foods yet? Beth xx

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