Day 9: Getting my craft on.

Nothing much to report today - except I feel I have done my first every productive thing post op! It felt great, because the majority of my recovery has just been sitting around (I didn't feel like doing much because I thought it would be exhausting!)

I mentioned in a previous post that one of my close friends is moving to Japan - so I made her a good luck card. It felt nice to sit down and complete a task, and get something from it! This has made me want to plan/set targets for each day so it has felt like I've achieved something.

It was pretty simple to make, apart from the Japanese characters! They took an age to cut out. It's supposed to say 'good luck!' so fingers crossed that is what it actually says. And fingers crossed she likes it! I'm seeing her and some other friends tomorrow as it will be her last day in the UK ):

Aside from being crafty, I had my gran come to visit which was nice. The story about the missing card greatly amused her, hopefully it won't happen again!

Recovery wise, today has been a good day. I haven't had to take any pain medication at all! There is occasionally a dull ache, but that's OK to deal with. And I don't seem to be noticing my swelling as much, unless I'm getting used to it?

That's all for now. As each day goes past I seem to have less to update with! I'll probably start to update less when I get to day 14, otherwise this could start to get boring very quickly :P

B x

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Isabel said...

Beth I can't get over how good you look! You seriously look more advanced that 9 days! Hope your recovery continues to go without any complications!

Beth said...

Thanks so much Isabel! Revovery seems to be going swimmingly (apart from those hospital days!) It's going so well it's scaring me! Just checked out your blog, you seem to be doing well! :) xx

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