Made it!

Made it! Everything is done and I am officially post op :) it's amazing how much things have changed alteady. I took a photo but I can't get it on here on my phone.Having a lot of problems with sickness (been sick 8 times!) But that's the only nad thing so far. Went into theatre at 8:30 am and came out 11:30am. Woke up in recovery at 12 and was on the ward by 3. That's it for now, gonna catch some sleep (I'm knackered!)

B x

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JawGodBlog said...

Hey Beth! Congrats on your op and welcome to the other side :-) Your surgery was so quick!! Glad you are relatively ok. The sickness is obviously not fun but I imagine it should settle within the next 24 hours. Hope you are keeping cheerful and doing well! Keep us updated xxx Jen

Isabel said...

BETH oh my goodness I'm so glad you're doing ok! Update soon!!!!

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