Day 6: My first post op adventure (to the hospital)

Day 6 has seen me take my first grand adventure out in public! This was only to the hospital, but it felt good to get out and about.

I had my first post op appointment with my surgeon today, and I am happy to report that everything is healing up very nicely, and that my surgeon seemed happy with my bite. I have also been given the go ahead to try and put my syringes down and attempt soft food! It seems really early, but I'm very thankful to eat filling food. On a food related note, something fairly shocking and unexpected happened at lunch today. I have discovered that I can successfully eat brie, as it is a soft cheese and just melts in my mouth when eaten in very small amounts. I was enjoying my brie so much I opened my mouth a little too wide, and... SNAP. There goes my elastics. Everything was fine, but I was so shocked when it happened! I managed to fix new elastics successfully. 

At dinner I was able to eat whizzed up spaghetti bolognese with a baby plastic spoon. This felt amazing, as I could actually eat fairly quickly and satisfy my hunger sooner. About soft food, I reckon I am only at this stage so soon because my surgeon doesn't wire patients up with lots elastics after surgery. I only have one elastic band in my mouth stretched between 3 teeth, which I am allowed to take out to eat (although I didn't know that in the brie incident!) 

More exciting progress has been made - I can now take little sips of water instead of using a syringe! I still use a syringe for more gloopy drinks like milkshake, but I feel this has been a big step forward. I was also clearly understood in a 20 minute phone call to my gran. She couldn't believe how well I was talking (again I think this is to do with the lack of elastic bands). 

Here are my day 6 photos including shot of my teeth with the elastic band. Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of my X rays as they are at the hospital I had the surgery at. Hopefully I can get them on here, because you have to admit all those screws and plates look pretty cool on X ray. 

Behold my day 6 photos - 

I actually bothered to make my hair look nice today, haha. I had much more energy today compared to any other day since surgery. I didn't have to have a nap until about 7pm! 

That, folks, has been day 6. 

Adios amigos, 

B x

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