Day 8: Orthodontic adventures and the mysterious missing post.

Day 8 is upon us and with it came a bit of a mystery!

I received a phone call from my doctors surgery, and I was half expecting it to be about my recent jaw surgery. But no, it was about some undelivered post! It turns out my gran sent me a get well card, but to the wrong number (47 instead of 48). 47 had no idea who I was, but managed to get me to contact her through the surgery which was some pretty clever thinking on her part. So we arranged for the card to be left under her doormat, as she would be out. She also said she had opened the card as she was expecting an anniversary card through the post. Anyway, I went and got the card, opened it and found £10 inside! My gran had sent £10 my way, and I was so thankful for this kind stranger to get in contact with me about it. It goes to show there are honest and trustworthy people about! I was so touched I had to put a thank you card through her door. My gran is supposed to be visiting me tomorrow, so fingers crossed she doesn't turn up there. I have to admit that was a fairly interesting start to the day!

Mystery solved!
Now onto jaw related stuff. I had my first post op orthodontist appointment which was pretty exciting. I don't have to wear elastics in that annoying upside down 'V' shape anymore. Instead I have two elastic either side, which means I can eat with them in! Before I was taking my elastics off to eat, which I got a bit of a telling off for (but it was really hard to eat with them in now I'm eating with a spoon). My broken bracket can't be fixed because I'm too swollen, but it's not doing any damage so that's cool (: 

Behold my elastics and day 8 photos!

And now onto food, I had pretty much the same stuff as yesterday expect for dinner which was a yummy cheesy mashed potato with baked beans. All eaten with elastics on! 

Went a bit downhill with pain today and had to get the ice back on. But I suspect that was because there was a lot of poking around at the orthodontists today.

That's all for day 8 - thinking of Isabel who should be in the very first stages of recovery right now!

B x

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