Update: Days 0-5

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I definitely underestimated how low my energy was going to be post op! At times it has felt a bit disabling, but energy levels are slowly on the up which is great (:

So this post will be a run through of my experiences of having orthognathic surgery and recovery days 0-5!

Day 0 

This was 22nd July, admission day! Admission was at 7am and I was feeling very nervous, but luckily I didn't have to wait long to go to theatre. I went down at 8:30 am and was allowed to take my mum with me which was really comforting. They even let her stay with me in the anaesthetic room until I went to sleep (even though I told her she didn't have to!) The surgery took 3 hours in total.

Next thing I knew I was coughing and gagging, but that's all I remember (I think they were taking the breathing tube out). Then I woke up properly, realised I was in recovery and for some reason couldn't stop moving! It was like I was doing a dance in bed, as well as constantly talking to the nurses. When my surgeon came to see me in recovery I learnt that they had given me COCAINE in theatre (hence the reaction). I was absolutely shocked, I had no idea it was used for medicinal purposes. I looked up the uses later on and it's supposed to help reduce bleeding by making your blood vessels smaller as well as numbing the area. But under the influence I apparently high fived my surgeon and conducted to my heart beat (which was heard on the monitor).

These pictures were taken in recovery (sorry for the slightly gory one!) I had NO elastics or wires on whatsoever! Some surgeons prefer not to use them, but the lack of elastics etc at this stage didn't bother me one bit. I was so pleased with my recovery profile shot, as swelling hadn't started yet so I could kind of see results already!

Once I had calmed down and a bed was available, I was taken to the ward. It was pretty rough from there, I vomited blood a total of 12 times (I went through several gowns) and also had issues which led to having a catheter ): My mum also didn't take well to the throwing up blood thing and went out into the corridor and fainted! Luckily she was ok and the nurses took care of her. And this leads us to the next day!

Day 1 

The morning didn't start off well at all. Each morning the nurses made the patients get out of bed and sit on their chairs whilst the beds were being made. I had learnt in the night that movement led to me being sick, which of course had to happen as my surgeon and his team came to see me. I didn't feel very flattering with all these people looking interestingly at me whilst I was sat there dribbling bloody sick and wearing a catheter. It was declared that I would have to stay an extra night to let the sickness settle and that he would see me the following morning. Eating was a nightmare, the nurses didn't seem to understand that I needed a liquid diet with syringes. They tried to give me ice cream with a spoon. Luckily the leek and potato soup was a better success which could be syringed. The day passed with not a lot going on, mostly drifting in and out of sleep. I would have to wait an extra day to go on a tour of the hospital to visit X ray and orthodontics!

I slept well that night, apart from being suddenly woken by a porter accidentally bashing a trolley into my bed! (A patient had been transferred to my ward in the middle of the night)

Day 2 

I was feeling much better on this day, with the exception of frustration at the nurses regarding food. For breakfast there was the choice of toast or cornflakes. When I said I couldn't eat either, I waited 2 hours for ice cream that I couldn't eat anyway! Lunch was a weird pate thing with a SPOON which reminded me of cat food. But luckily I was being discharged that day, so I was looking forward to going home and actually eating for the first time in days! I went on my tour of the hospital for x rays and orthodontics. I had to be transported in a wheelchair because I was so weak from not eating anything. The X rays were amazing to see (I didn't get any pictures but will do soon!) and the orthodontist put some elastics on my braces.

The discharge from hospital was pretty eventful and confusing. This time it was my sister who had a fainting session in the corridor (it was very hot). I missed my pain relief because my drugs chart was in the pharmacy, so I couldn't have any medicine. Then they tried to discharge me without taking my cannula out. There was also no dietitian or advice on food. Once the cannula had been sorted, we were ready to go. Unfortunately it was my turn to have a moment and sit down outside the hospital on my way out. I felt very dizzy and weak, so some nurses had to come and help me to the car. But I was finally on my way home!

Days 3-5

This is where the rehabilitation and rebuilding begins! Having nutritious food that I could actually eat for the first time in days was amazing. So far I have had banana milkshake, chocolate milkshake, whizzed up scrambled eggs, soup with super mashed potato and smoothies. I've lost half a stone in 4 days. Weight loss was to be expected, but it probably didn't help that I had pretty much nothing to eat in hospital. Pain hasn't been bad at all when pain relief is taken regularly, and from day 4 swelling has starting to go down. I even ventured out to see my nan on day 4 (in the car of course). Energy levels have been up and down but lucozade has been my saviour. I still get odd moments where I suddenly feel faint and weak in the legs. I'm still sleeping well which I'm very grateful for. I also think I'm lucky on the swelling and bruising front! From other blogs I've been following, I've seen swelling much worse than mine. I am starting to get some bruising at day 5, but it's very faint and not that noticeable (like a slight curry stain!) 

Day 3

 Day 4

 Day 5

I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow which should be interesting! I'll be able to get some pictures of my X rays, plus I'll be looking a bit better than the last time my surgeon saw me. Sorry if this post has been a bit garbled or disorganised to read, I'm definitely not at my blogging best right now. Onward and upwards as they say (:

Thanks for you kind comments, they were a great source comfort when I was in hospital (:

Will update soon,

B x

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mis-erialc said...

You're looking great! I don't know why, but I found it so funny that your family was fainting one by one in the hospital. :) Glad everyone is alright now though! Your swelling has gone down quite a bit by Day 5 which is great! One day at a time now. :)

JawGodBlog said...

Aww I totally sympathise about the food/nurses - mine didn't seem to get it either! No one even brought a proper syringe until the 3rd day and they kept insisting I try and eat yoghurt with a spoon. So frustrating! Keep up the good recovery :-) xxx

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