Day 7: One week milestone!


Time goes so fast, I honestly cannot believe that this time last week I had just been in theatre! Recovery is still going smoothly, thank goodness! To celebrate this one week milestone, I have compiled a list of all the things I couldn't do last week that I can do now.

This time last week I couldn't -

  • Move without throwing up
  • Eat without throwing up
  • Eat with a spoon
  • Eat full stop 
  • Go to the toilet without help
  • Wash without help
  • Move without help
  • Manage my own pain relief
  • Get things for myself (food, drink, ice etc) 
  • Talk clearly
  • Clean my teeth 
  • Walk without getting weak in the legs
It seems like I've come so far in just one week! It really does amaze me how quickly the body can get over trauma. 

Today has been pretty good, as one of my friends visited me! It was great to see her as she's going off to live in Japan from this Saturday, so there was a lot of chatting. I have also started to document my food, which others might find helpful. Breakfast was mushed up wheetabix with LOTS of milk, lunch was oxtail soup, and dinner was more whizzed up spaghetti bolognese. I'm definitely eating less often (it used to be every couple of hours, like a baby!) 

Today I made a bit of an unwelcome discovery regarding my elastics. One of the bottom brackets that my elastics hooks onto has become loose! Luckily I have my first post op ortho visit tomorrow, so that should be fixed pretty soon. 

Here are my day 7 photos - they're not that different to day 6 but I have reached my one week milestone (: 

That's it for day 7. Best of luck to Isabel for her surgery tomorrow! You've been waiting so long for a solid date, you totally deserve it plus all the luck in the world (: 

B x

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JawGodBlog said...

Beth! You're looking great! You're definitely onto the right mindset with the #week ago I couldn't do this'; I was always looking for the positives amidst the discomfort. You have to! Hope you're coping well with your mashy diet :-) looks good! I am wondering when I'll be able to eat more solid food...maybe it's a matter of bravery and perseverance! Right now I'm heading towards week 7 and I still can't eat anything hard, crunchy or chewy. Not salad, fruit, meat ...I still eat soft stuff like pasta...I can just about eat bread but it's very dry (dry food is a pain!) and gets majorly stuck in my braces and is harder to chew. Still, taking a leaf out of your book, this time 6 weeks ago I was eating out of a syringe!

I hope you're feeling well (ish) and wishing you a good recovery!

Jen x

Isabel said...

It looks like your doing and looking so well Beth! Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly!

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